Creeping Death

The slow creeping death of a nation
Heralded by cunts screaming “think of the children”.
A rich baby is born;
The state sponsored news approves.

Every freedom we fought for now scheduled to be removed.
Liberated bodies condemned.
The pleasures they can give,
Stripped away, for they are free.
If you want to be happy,
You must spend money.

Information, too, wants to be free.
News wants to be news
Not just the regurgitated political agenda,
Not just the regurgitated corporate agenda.
But it’ll cause you to turn paedophile.
This new disease, easily traced to starting in 1982.
But it’ll corrupt your kids.
The innocent little brats must be taught that to create life is crime,
But it’s ok to end one at a rich request.
It will even make you a hero,
Though not rich enough to mend the damage done to you.

Innocent is just another word for ignorant.
Watch the innocent angle pull the wings from a fly.
Teach them the banner call of ‘God save the richest’.
Only they can make you free.
The day time TV stooges pretend to discuss,
Surprise, surprise their enlightened debate leads them to agree.

What a wonderful march to the block.
Warmed by all the burning books
This time dressed in binary code.

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