New Book Coming In The New Year

So it has been a crazy long time since my last update (almost 3 years!) But I haven’t died, you’ll be pleased to know. Instead I’ve been writing and producing a kid’s stage show. It was fun, but it came to end last Christmas. The good news is that this has enabled me to get back to writing books, and as a result, I will be releasing my next novel in the new year (and it is good!)

New Year, New Books

Three books coming early in the new year! That’s right three! First off we have the initial book in my Tommy Lightbreaker series, aimed at young adults. Then we have a collection of macabre short stories (for adults). And finally we have an interactive kids adventure book, which will be a fun introduction to the world of programming using the £15 raspberry pi computer. For more info about the raspberry pi, check out my blog: What is a Raspberry Pi Anyway?


Smashwords website with BANNED! stamped on it

It appears that you can’t have nipples on Smashwords, so Equilateral has been banned! This has made the decision as to whether or not to use Amazon’s KDP Select service quite simple (to be eligible for KDP Select you have to sell ebooks exclusively through Amazon for several months.)