New Book Coming In The New Year

So it has been a crazy long time since my last update (almost 3 years!) But I haven’t died, you’ll be pleased to know. Instead I’ve been writing and producing a kid’s stage show. It was fun, but it came to end last Christmas. The good news is that this has enabled me to get back to writing books, and as a result, I will be releasing my next novel in the new year (and it is good!)


The suns out,
The crazies are out,
What you gonna do?
Get off your face,
You can crash at my place.
Summertime is no time
To be feeling blue.

Drink a drink.
A drink drunk.

The girls are out,
With their tits out,
Posing on the beach.
Sun on your face,
Now’s the time, now’s the place.
Daydream of a day
Out of reach.

Drink a drink.
A drink drunk.

They’re pretty, but
I want more than just a girl with a pretty butt.
Lets get off our faces.
Open beer bottles with your teeth,
Life is pretty in these places.
The rhymes aren’t really working,
And yeah I’m pretty wasted,
But I like you.

Night and Day

Stay awake, away from sleep.
Everything is beautiful at five,
But gotta get past three.

Feel the night eat into me.
Fight off sleep.
The past is friend to me.
The soundtrack to old misery keeps me company.

Heart in my mouth.
Body tingles.
Today is over;
Tomorrow can wait.

Sleep calls with the promise of
Better days,
Better nights.
It lies.

New fears add to old.
Nothing ever gets resolved.
Wonder why I feel this way,
Why no soul is up too
To help hold back the day.

More Self Pity

There is a moment
I am happy.
Then I look,
Then I see,
This is not where I want to be.

Old eyes, tired hands, faded smile:
Petals on the rose, long since dried,
Falling each time it is shaken,
Falling each time it is knocked.
Dead rose petals clog the sink;
I need to feel; I need to think.

Life slips away from me.
I have let go of everything I wanted to be.
The journey is all that is left,
But I am tired and need to rest.

Dreams haunt me like ghosts.
They are with me late at night.
“It is not too late,” they whisper,
And the promise of happiness clanks in their chains.

There is a Noise

There is a noise, and the world shakes.
I do not know what the noise is, but I feel it.
It feels me too, and it finds me.
The noise says it will never let me go,
And that I will feel it when I feel you.

I do not know what the noise is, but I feel it.
I have asked people if they feel the noise.
They say they do not,
But I see them shake.
They shake and do not stop.

And there is a noise, and the world shakes.
They do not know what the noise is, but they feel it.
It feels them to, and it finds them.
Now the noise will never let them go,
And they will feel it when they feel themselves.

I do not want to feel the noise,
But I felt you.
You felt me too.
And you found me.

I shake. I shake. I shake.
I shake. I shake. I shake, and ideas fall out of my head.
I shake and cannot catch them.

I shake, and my eyes fall out of my head.
I shake, and I do not care.

I do not know what the noise is,
But I feel it,
And I do not want to.

Trapped in the Web of a Spider Long Dead

Like a fly trapped in the web of a spider long dead,
Alone I struggle, knowing not even eight legged death will come to help me.
Give up or fight? It matters not at all;
I cannot break free.
A long slow death is all that waits for me.

I didn’t see it coming, this dusty oubliette,
But that doesn’t change the fact that never again will I be free.
The silk it is cemented to my fragile wings,
And I don’t have the courage to rip them from me.
And even if I did, all I’d do is fall,
To be nothing more than the creatures that skulk on the floor.

I might have been nothing more than a fly,
But I flew.
I failed, but I tried.
What more could I do?

Super Powers

Maybe tonight
I’m gonna hold my breath till everything’s alright.
I’ve had it up to here with all your stupid little lives.
Yes, I’m all grown up.
I don’t want to drift away, pretend a world that lets me make it a better place;
I can see it there in front of me, glimmering so bright.
But standing between me and it is an army of mediocrity,
Blaming the defenceless the wretched and the lame
Whilst waving their pathetic flags at those that they admire;
There’s nothing more important than accident of birth.
Don’t risk a thing,
Don’t blame yourself,
You can’t be what your not.
Staring at the clay,
The sun is quickly forgot.
But I can see
The future reaching out for me.
And you would too
If you’d let yourself forget yourself.

Sitting at the back of a pitch black room,
I watch your psyche painted up on the wall
Ten meters tall. I see you feel the same.
I just don’t get
How you could forget
And carry on about your lives.
Is the news we watch not the same?
One million dead, planes explode,
And we help America with a phony war.
We see them reaching out to us,
But we just sell on the gun and tut
As they’re shot dead,
Our bullets in their heads.

I used to dream I could change the world,
But I was young and it was fun,
Now I’m all grown up.
It sickens me to say,
The world needs to change fundamentally.
No super power can save the day,
No invention will make a mark,
Nothing can ever change the petty selfishness at your heart.
It seems such a small ask:
To embrace unconditionally,
To forget the past and step into the light.
I’ve but one trick left:
Tonight I’m going to hold my breath
Till everything’s alright.