Soldier, Baby

You are my soldier, baby,
Be you hero or psychopath.
You are my soldier, baby.
I point the gun and tell you who to shoot.

There is no glory, baby.
You’re just my hired thug.
There is no shame, baby.
We all need to get paid.

I feel no guilt, baby,
For all the people that you kill.
I feel no guilt, baby,
When you come home under a flag.

The bullet tears through flesh.
The explosion rips to shreds.
The fire burns it all away.
I am naked, but I’m not afraid.
I am wrapped up safe and warm
At home in my bed.

You are my soldier, baby.
I don’t want to know your name.
You are my soldier, baby.
I’ve never been in a fight.

I’ll buy a poppy, baby.
I think I know what it means.
I’ll get all misty, baby,
As the troops march by.

Protect this land of mine, baby.
Defend this hallowed ground.
Kill the innocent, baby.
It will all be sanitised for TV.

The garden, it is nice and neat.
The living room smells of paint.
Meat is grown in polystyrene packs,
And cotton turns itself into clothes.
War is something that happens far away.
I’m not culpable for what you do.

You are my soldier, baby.
I pay your wage and your pension too.
You are my soldier, baby.
My vote determines who you shoot.

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