Can you see me?

You’re dirty, but I like it.
Can you feel it? I’m coming.
I can see you. I can see you.
Full of blood, so much blood
Sent straight to my head, straight to you.

Oh god, I need you, forever, for this moment.
Can you feel it? I’m coming.
Holding on cause guilt follows,
But right now, we are beautiful.

Sweating and wild, no control: I am abandoned, I am free,
There is no one I would rather be.
Can you feel it? I’m coming.
I’m not breathing; I don’t need to.
My heart is pounding.
This is all I ever want to be.
Can you see me? Can you see me?

Find something to hold on to.
Deeper and deeper.
You’re screaming; I’m screaming.
We can feel it. We’re coming.

Can’t get closer, but we need to.
Want to hold it, but I’m afraid to.
Let it flow over me, over you.
Hold me for the moment.
Let me go; you remind me
It’s now just a fading memory of how good life can be.

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