I Bleed Words

Ink drips, like blood from a wound;
The melody is some strange infection.
I’ll let you be my smutty nurse;
I’ll let you touch me where it hurts.

Ink drips, like blood from a wound;
The meter pumps it out so much neater.
I’ll let you watch me as I sleep;
I’ll let you dream of someone else.

Ink drips, like blood from a wound;
Pretty patterns on a page.
You’ll try, but you’ll never understand;
I’ll try, but I’ll never understand.

Ink drips, like blood from wound
Slowly congealing into shapes.
I can see you floating off in space;
I can see me chained to the earth.

Ink drips, like blood from a wound.
Then it stops.
Everything important, now, forgot.

Mostly Carbon

Sometimes, I just want to break things.
No reason, except things look pretty in pieces.
I’ll take and leave you with nothing.
You’ll know me.
I’ll leave you, not bleeding, just dead.
Burning and screaming, I greet you.
If you’d realised I’m drowning…
Sense isn’t hidden, it’s absent.
I really like you.
I really like the way I write,
Till you see me.
Brand my name into flesh so I remember.
Changed by deed pole: I’m new, I’m reborn.
Take drugs, need no skill, worship monotony.
Sad reminder:
I need company,
I need sex.
Everything fits, everything working.
I will break it by wanting.
Nothing special.
Words are beautiful.
Drawing arrows,
Shame no bows.
The birds fly so high, so serenely.
So I shoot them.
Spiral to earth,
Consumed by earth,
Mostly carbon.
Nothing special.
And a bit of water.
Who cares?
Mostly carbon.
Stinking and sweating, I stand here.
You are trivial; I walk over you.
I am not dreaming.
I feel and I touch and I’d hate you
If it’d help, but it won’t,
So I’ll drool and I’ll burn things
Mostly Carbon.