You & Me

A brief introduction to myself and a quick look at who I think you are.

Ok, now we know what we are going to do together, it is probably a good idea if we get to know each other. Firstly, let me just clarify who I think you are. This guide is primarily aimed at people who are publishing a book for the first time, and as a result, it goes into a lot of depth about the technicalities of formatting in a (hopefully!) easy to understand manner. I firmly believe that having an understanding of why you are doing the things you are doing will save you time in the long run and help you produce a higher quality product. If, however, you are already familiar with formatting and are, perhaps, just interested in how LibreOffice differs from some other program you have used before and want to get up and running fast, you can just install my plug-in for LibreOffice and read the quick how to, which will show you how to create your document using the supplied template and export it using the supplied style sheet.

If you’ve no idea what a plug-in is, let alone a template or style, or you are doing something complex and want to be able to customize the plug-in/template I’ve created, then read on for a detailed explanation of how to set up LibreOffice manually for novel publishing and how to write a custom export plug-in. Neither of these things are that tricky, but they will take a bit of explaining.

Now, I guess I’d better introduce myself. Hi, I’m Rob, nice to meet you. I’m a writer. I self published my first book, Equilateral, in 2012, and am about to release my second and third. I have also written various screenplays, plays and murder mystery plots, but most importantly, I am also a keen coder and have written various bits of software, from device drivers to php scripts for websites. I also hate talking about myself, so that is about all you’re going to get.

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