Why I Think You’re Doing This

Next, whilst we’re defining things, I guess I’d better clarify why I think you’re going to all this trouble. Though this is a guide for self-publishing, self-publishing encompasses everything from multi-million pound endeavours to one off products for birthday presents and the like. What I’m going to assume is that you are aiming for something in the middle: that you’re undertaking a commercial endeavour, but that it has a very limited budget. As a result of this (or perhaps because of your megalomania!), you, the author, are going to be doing as much of the work (or, more accurately, setting up your computer to do as much of the work) as possible and that, therefore, in order to maximise your sales, you want to make your book available in print form and electronic. But – and this important – that the quality of product you want to create is on par (or better) with those created by the major publishers. Or to put it another way, I am creating the sort guide I wished I had been able to read whilst preparing my first novel.

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