Save the Template

Right, one way or another, you should now have a blank document with all the styles you need to properly format your novel. Before we go on, you need to save it as a template so it is there for you when you want to start you next book! There are two ways you can do this. You can do a “Save as” and change the type to template (.ott) and then import the template in using the Template Manager or you can save it directly into the Template Manager. In order to do this, you just select “File->Templates->Save As Template”, click “Save” and give it a name. Once it has been saved, close the file, as you don’t want to make changes to the template accidentally. Instead, choose “File->New->Templates” and double click the template you just created. You now have a shiny new document, based on the template we just saved, ready to be filled with your glorious words.

LibreOffice's Template Manager
The Template Manager lets you import, export, edit and, most importantly, create new documents from your templates.
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