Installing the Plugin

Right, it is getting exciting. Let’s install the plugin in LibreOffice. Click on “Tools->XML Filter Settings” and then select “New”. This brings up the “XML Filter: New Filter Dialogue”. In the “Filter name” you enter the name that you want displayed in the filter list. “Writer to XHTML for Kindle” is my preference. In the “Application” dropdown, select “LibreOffice Writer (.odt)”. “Name of filter type” is the name you see in the export dialogue. I would keep this the same as “Filter name”. Change “File extension” to .html and add any comments you feel you might need. On the “Transformation” tab all you need to is set the “XSLT for export” filter to the file you just created (or my one, which you can download on the next page) by hitting the “Browse…” button. Click “OK”, and you are done.

LibreOffice's New FIlter Dialog
Installing the stylesheet in LibreOffice

Now to export your novel! Open it up (having already converted it to the Novel template!).Then go “File->Export…”. Click the “All Formats” dropdown and select “Odt to XHTML for kindle” (or whatever you called it). Click “Save” and you’ve done it! You can open up the resulting file in your web browser to check that all is well.

Note that if your book has any images, you will need to create an “images” directory manually for them, as the export plugin doesn’t extract them, it only creates the html that points to them.

If everything looks good, then it is time for the final step, turning it into a mobi. This can be done by uploading your file to Amzon’s KDP platform or with Amazon’s kindlegen program, available here. Using kindlegen is simply a case of:

kindlegen AnExampleBook.html

It will spit out a load of information about the conversion and your book, in this case

If you want to include a cover and are using kindlegen to create your mobi file, you will need to add a link to it in your .html file. The link goes in the <head> section and looks like this:

<meta name="cover" content="images/cover.jpg">

And that’s it, we’re done! All you need do is proof read it carefully to make sure no errors have crept in, and you can start selling your book!

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