Shiny Thing, Be Mine

Shiny thing, be mine.
You dazzle.
You sparkle.
You would make me feel complete.
You make me want.
You make me beg.
You are indifferent as you watch me eat myself.

I buy from fear,
Just like the rest.
When I have you,
Fear be gone.
So the advert tells me.

What should I do?
I’ll ask my friends.
I know them well,
I see them every night.
I share their lives,
Their joys, their triumphs, and their deepest shames.
But they’re no help.
Perhaps the repeats will shed more light.

I’m so empty
Not even crisps and ice-cream can fill me.
I have a hole
That is shiny thing shaped.

I’ll just take a look,
There’s no harm in that.
I imagine how it feels to hold you.
I imagine how others see me if own you.
This desire disgusts me.
I am dirty, but you still shine bright.

My hand shakes,
I must have you.
I lick my lips,
I can’t afford you.
It doesn’t matter,
I’m going to buy you.
Oh, god, that feels so good.

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