My Beautiful Friend

Pain: my beautiful friend.
I’ll never wake alone again.
A caffeine bomb to kick-start my heart,
A shot or two to make it all alright.
I cover you and hold you;
I smile when I walk.
Music paints my mind
And tags my memories.
I need a tactile pushing
Whilst I am tasting death.
Poison my poison, my dear,
Whilst I dress to impress.
My impersonation of a person
You ill-advisably do bless.

Smell my fingers,
Taste my blood
Whilst a sobering thought vibrates my leg:
No hope springs eternal
When you are falling fast;
All there is is the promise
Of a crashing break of bone.

From the bottom of my pit,
I hear you calling for the blood of some unknown enemy,
But all the adrenaline does is tire me
And darken once bright skies,
So let me take your hand my dear
And dance the day away
Then curl up with me salted
And fired with feet of clay.
Through the night I’ll hold you,
And at break of dawn,
I’ll wake up, not alone, but with my pain.

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