More Scars On My Arm

Another shattered memory:
More scars on my arm,
Blood stains on the carpet,
Glass embedded in my hand.
The dull ache of forgiveness;
The endless march of regret.
Forever is a lie.
Reckless optimism, my reply.

Shock stops the pain;
Fear clots the blood.
Adrenaline tires me.
I’ll sleep in my sweat.

Wellness is a sickness,
An organic holistic wet dream.
It’s all we have left:
You can’t cure the patient
Because you don’t own the patent.

Alien immigrant stretch
Worsening your familiar letch.
Intelligence recession,
Rhetoric abuse:
Perfection is uniform,
Perfection is safe,
Perfection is easy.
Perfection is mass produced and plastic packed.

Route round it.
Slice it away.
This is evolution not nuclear erosion.
Progress is nothing to fear.

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