Ella’s Song

It was a bomb that ended his life.
It was a bomb that gave me mine.
Sent to work in the factory,
Now I’ve seen what I can be.

At school, taught to be a slave,
To judge my worth my the man I marry.
I was nothing but a baby making factory
That as a bonus cooks and cleans.

Stand up, sisters. Stand up.
Stand up, and be free.

I loved him, but
My body lied.
I’m so much better off because he died.
Now my future waits for me.

With overalls on and with sensible shoes,
I can do all I am too weak to do.
The factory is my family now.
Still a man tells us what to do.

I never understood the power I had.
This truth was kept hidden from me.
A hundred sisters side by side;
Together we are stronger.

Stand up, sisters. Stand up.
Stand up, and be free.

I was asleep, dreaming I was happy.
The thunder woke me from my slumber.
I was afraid.
I was alone.
But with the shadows gone,
It’s now the fire I see,
And it warms me.

Give me suffrage, give me hope.
Give me choice, give me rope.
I’ll hang ‘em all. I will be heard.
This powers mine. I have awoken.
We are woman. We have spoken.

Stand up, sister. Stand up.
Stand up, and be free.

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